Monday, January 30, 2006

Sabbath Sins: Northwest Nazarene University

A collection of recent works, Sabbath Sins, is now on exhibit during the month of February at Northwest Nazarene University. The closing night will be on Friday, February 24th.

Friesen Galleries
623 Holly St
Nampa, ID 83686-5897

Collective Resume

2006 Resurrection (group) Imago Dei Community Church Portland, OR
2006 Human Pixel Project by Peter Smuts (group) Three Columns Gallery Harvard University Boston, MA
2006 Sabbath Sins (solo) Northwest Nazarene University Nampa, ID
2005 A Room of Conversations (group) 5th Ave. Suites Portland, OR
1998 The Dunkirk Series (solo) The 6740 Whittier, CA
1997 Untitled (group) Common Grounds La Mirada, CA
1997 The Dunkirk Series (solo) Connextions Gallery Sausalito, CA
1996 Metamorphosis (solo) Biola University La Mirada, CA
1996 Artistic Excellence Award (group) Peter and Masha Plotkins Foundation Los Angeles, CA
1996 Untitled (group) Winged Heart Fullerton, CA
1996 Annual Juried Student Show (group) Biola University La Mirada, CA
1995 Annual Juried Student Show (group) Biola University La Mirada, CA
1995 One Hundred Eighty Degrees (solo) Common Grounds La Mirada, CA
1995 Untitled (group) Common Grounds La Mirada, CA

Print Publications
Nov. 2005 In Print Zine Vol. 1 Fall 2005

Curatorial Work
2006 Art Auction to Benefit the Oregon Food Bank Portland, OR

Collective Geography
17 years residence-Portland, Oregon
33 years residence-Southern California
1 year residence-Morocco
4 years residence-Northern California
7 years residence-Philippines
9 years residence-Arizona
5 years residence-Illinois

Volunteer Teaching
Valle de las Palmas, Mexico and Agadir, Morocco

1997 B.S. Drawing and Painting Biola University La Mirada, CA

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Will You Be Drinking Vintage or Boxed Wine?

One of purposes of this blog is to research collaborative art.

Here's something we found over at Art and about Rubens and Brueghel.

"some painters may discover they have a special talent for still-life or landscape or figures or whatever, and decide to specialise in that particular genre. So, a landscape specialist might get a colleague who excels in figure painting to provide the human interest, while a figure painter might call on another specialist to set the figures in scene and embellish them with other details. Second-rate artists often chose to do work in this way as a means of streamlining the production process in an assembly-line approach to making paintings."

We have been doing some collaborative projects and have found ourselves slipping into assembly line mode...our goal this month is to try to switch specialties. Our robot specialist will switch with the bird master. Junk assemblage man will switch with fancy flower maiden. We will embrace sabotage and you will drink the fruits of our labor.

Landscapes Are Boring

Landscapes Are Boring
Recycled Media on Birch Panel
(c) 2006, Saint Anonymous
NFS-Tim Wallace Collection